Sunday, August 5, 2012

Woolzies dryer ball review

I was given the chance to review Woolzies dryer balls
I was really surprised by the size of the balls, also the fact that they have no smell.
My family is really picky about smells or lack there of.
No one in my family likes there clothes to have a strong smell,
so Woolzies are perfect for my house.

When you receive your box of Woolzies there's a half dozen and very little instructions.
How much easier can you ask for really??

If your family has major static cling, you can roll up some aluminum foil and put in with your woolzies. (sounds crazy right??)
 Also for families that do like there clothes to have a smell you can get your favorite essential oil and put a couple drops on your woolzies. So no more smelling like everyone else!!

You can check out Woolzies ~HERE~

To buy your very own go ~HERE~
(you can even get it gift wrapped)

(quote from woolzies)
In this spirit, we are very proud to present WOOLZIES, The All Natural Dryer Ball Set. This set of six handmade pure wool dryer balls are special in several ways. They deliver the same benefits for laundry as conventional fabric softeners WITHOUT all the nasty chemicals. They save everyone a lot of money by eliminating the need to continuously spend on fabric softener liquid and sheets. They cut down on the time it takes to dry a typical load by at least 25% thereby saving everyone even more money and cutting down on fossil fuel usage. Finally, being as that they are handmade in the democratic republic of Nepal, they provide a steady source of income to the desperately needy women of that developing nation.
So smile when you purchase a set of WOOLZIES, because you know you're helping to make the world a more pleasant place for yourself, your family and future generations!

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