Sunday, August 5, 2012

The End of Summer!!

Summer has come to an end...
Those of us that co-parent get to say goodbye to our lil ones.

I personally only get my boys every other weekend.
4 days a month just isn't enough for a mom...

There's so many things you miss when you live 3 hours away,
school plays,sports events and holidays!!

I try to make sure our summer is full of things that will make lasting memories....
Just hoping when they look back on their childhood,
I'm not just the weekend mom!!

Its pretty sad when not only am i crying when we have to say goodbye but both my boys are also!!

Having lost a child at a young age,
GOODBYES are really tough..
Every day i pray to keep my children safe...

Its crazy to me that any court system would make any parent that WANTS to be involved in their children's life only a weekend visitor...

(ramblings of a sad mom!!)


  1. Don't ever say goodbye with tears in your eyes.....instead say "see you later" with a smile on your face. Just look forward and plan for next time. Goodbye is forever. Chin up shorty....

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