Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cienta shoes Review

I was excited when i got the chance to do this review...

They have to be some of the cutest shoes for the lil ones,
 I've seen in-awhile!!

Cienta shoes are really well made and my kids say they smell good.

I love the fact that the sparkles on these are actually in the fabric and not glued on..
Cienta shoes come in lots of different colors and delivered to your door.

Shes was so excited about her shoes she wouldn't let me get the tags off.
she says look they are sparkly... with a lil squeal!!

As lil ones do she even showed off how she could take them off and on all by herself.
So thank you Cienta shoes for making her feel like a big girl!!
They are perfect for lil ones to learn how to put their own shoes on.

"Not to mention for every pair bought on there website,
Cienta donates a 1 pair to a child in need."

I love companies that give back and try to make this crazy world just a little better.

Cienta Shoes is on Facebook ~HERE~

You can go to Cienta and get your own ~HERE~

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