Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back to school shuffle!!

I'm hoping I'm not alone in this....

So the back to school shuffle has begun, with tears, hair pulling and tantrums..

I haven't even added what the kids have done yet!!

I swear people are so rude these days.
I was ran into, run over and called ugly names!

why is it when times are stressful people are so rude!!

I really try to leave someone with a smile and i ALWAYS say excuse me.

Now lets get to the kids....

Aww our SWEET babies, ya until it comes to shopping!

Then all of a sudden they are fashionistas..

Why is it so important to have a certain label, why does that label mean more than another?

I know with my daughter she gets that there's only so much money and we find tricks and creative ways to make the dollar go farther.

Having said that she also cares who's name is on her butt!!
Knowing what the mean kids are like these days, i really try hard to make sure those certain labels make an appearance...
But come on!!
why is it $60 for a t-shirt?? is it made of gold??

So for all you parents that are getting ready to tackle this.... i say

(a mom that was just there!!)

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  1. I am so glad we have Ross dress for less ! My son wouldn't be in name brands if it wasn't for that store and my in=laws for getting them for him!!!