Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Conscious box!! ~Review

Conscious Box is focused on the excitement of discovering great new products—for yourself and the planet. The iconic green window of the Conscious Box icon is die-cut from the packaging, providing a conceptual ‘window of consciousness’ that is filled by a differently themed photo every month, allowing a sneak peek into the fun that begins by opening the box.

When i received my conscious box i was so excited....
i was thinking well there are cant be much in there!!

I was sooo wrong it is slap full of great surprises. First when you open the box there's a wonderful lil card.
 Then on the back side it gives amazing ways to reuse your box!
I love low waste companies!!

Since I'm a picture taker i wanted to show ya everything....

The contents of the box are amazing. 
Every month has a different theme and what makes this box truly special is many of the products are from small companies that still take pride in using real ingredients in their products. .

How did they fit all this greatness in one tiny box??

my purse needed this for sure!!

I've been looking at these for awhile and now i get to try...
so excited!!

sweet orange essential oil

6 different Tea's

Aromatherapy Deck of 54 cards


What is it?
Conscious Box is a monthly subscription service focusing on sustainability, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. Each month, we curate boxes for our subscribers, filling them with the best businesses we can find, both small and large. And that’s where you come in.

Do I get to choose what’s in my box?

You'd ruin the surprise! Conscious Box is all about discovery, so each month you’ll get a box filled with totally different products. It’s like having your birthday—every month! The contents of each box revolve around a theme that changes depending on the season or special events, and include content in the form of practical, daily living necessities. And yes, all boxes are suitable for all ages

Not only did all this come in one small box, but you also get a really nice postcard....
So you can send this amazing gift to someone you love, and they can write you on a beautiful card.

Next month will be the August 'Back to School' Conscious Box!
It's going to have delicious, nutritious snacks, some great daily
alternatives, and tons of other really fun stuff that everyone will
enjoy, making it an
AWESOME gift for all students, including K-12
and college.
And yes, it's great for students and non students alike,
so you can gift it to anyone!
Just remember, you've got to order
before the 6th of the month!
This is the only legitimately healthy care
package we've seen this year, and they're going fast!

You can get your very own Conscious Box ~here~

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Protecting the Planet

Conscious Box is also committed to conserving and preserving our home, Mother Earth. We work with 1% for the Planet to make sure every purchase goes to a cause, and we also are active in the green community, spreading the message of environmentalism and encouraging others to take a critical stance when it comes to personal and public sustainability.

I was given a box to review and these are my own words and feelings....
having said that i love them and will for sure be telling my friends and family!!


  1. Um that box is uhhmazing! Wish I would've got one :) Great review and love all of the pictures.

  2. I love boxes full of goodies!!! Especially ones that are good for the environment.