Monday, August 27, 2012

Gutzy Gear Review

When i heard about gutzy gear i wanted to check it out and tell all my readers about it.
Gutzy Gear Is a great new way for our kids to decorate there school bags and show off there style.
I love that my son is able to choose what he wants.
The material is soft and easy to work with..
which is a major thing for me..

The patches come in such a wide variety he doesn't have to settle. They are bold and funky.
Great pictures of fun things and you can even personalize them... how can you go wrong really!
Gutzy gear is such a cool idea and it makes you stop and think why didn't i think of that?
he feels so cool can you tell??
You can get your very own gutzy gear ~HERE~
Gutzy gear is on:
Facebook  ~HERE~
Twitter ~HERE~
Gutzy Gear has made a huge impact on pinterest also ~HERE~
Be watching for the Gutzy Gear giveaway and PARTY!!

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  1. Amanda Edwards8/30/12, 11:25 PM

    My nieces would love this!