Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Magnetic nail polish!!

i had to try to get the review!!

Let just sum it up for you AMAZING!!

If your anything like me getting your nails done regularly isn't feasible.
The cost of going and getting your nails done can pay for my family to eat for at least 2 nights..

Then on the other hand painting my own nails is a little bit of a challenge,
i can make them look nice but i cant ever get that salon look.
don't look at my mess ups!!

Sally Hansen has made it so simple to look like i paid good money for nice nails.
At first your like well it cant be that great, Right??

How many of us have bought into tons of things that say they work only to find out they don't!!

Not anymore.... Magnetic nail polish is the way to go!!

My 12 yr olds words....
Paige says..." wow mom this is soo cool, i cant believe its so easy"!!
here's what she came up with all by herself!!

I was really impressed with how well she did,
a lil bit of a mess but what girl doesn't??
I felt like i should show exactly how easy it was right as it was done!!

5 minutes after it arrived we had our fingers and toes painted and were in love!!

It was soo easy....

Step 1... Paint your nails... (LOL)
Step 2.. once first coat is dry apply a thick coat, and put magnet on right away!!

That's it... if my 12 yr can do it so can you!!

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  1. Thank you great review I was a bit scare about this, but seems quite easy def gonna try