Monday, August 27, 2012

Phillips Norelco Beard Trimmer review

I was pretty excited about this review....
The hubby has been dropping hints for a long time about a beard trimmer,
so i jumped at the chance to try

Im not a big fan of the beard,
I like my honey clean shaven.

 Has changed my mind about this definitely.
 Once he disappeared and came back...
oh my he looks great!
 I was so impressed.
I love the well taken care of beard.
My hubby said its a great thing and so easy to use.
He always heard electric razors and such pull.

Since my guy works out of town alot
  Is gonna come in so handy.
He can just put in his overnite bag and take it with.

My normal complaint would be about the nasty mess that always follows the old time trimming...
i swear hes clipping a bear over my sink....ugh!
  Has a catching system!
It no longer looks like a crime scence in my sink...
im in heaven over here.
Now my handsome guy can have a nice looking beard,
that i want to touch!
Thank you Phillips Norelco Beard Trimmer
  For taking the fight over hair out of our marriage.

as you can see my son wants to try too!!

Theres so many awesome features on

Is on:

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  1. I love your pictures! Especially that last one :D Sounds like a great product, I can't believe it has a vacuum, that is so cool! I always end up having to clean the hair out of the sink. I hate that! Women everywhere will be running to get this! It'll be more a gift for them than their husbands!