Friday, September 28, 2012

One Coconut drink review

One coconut drinks was an awesome review....
I'm not normally one that tries new things because I'm kinda set in my ways,
 One coconut drinks Is so refreshing and such unique flavors.

I love that it quenches your thirst.
 They come in such handy lil pouches.
They are awesome for road trips , with resealable lids that comes in handy with 3 children.
My sons loved the pineapple coconut flavors, they said that is what Hawaii would taste like for sure....that made me laugh so hard....
My mom loves coconut so I had her try it and she said she put hers in the freezer to get cold and forgot about it,
 so it made it a coconut smoothie and she loved it.
These are something I would recommend for any family on the go that wants to make sure your family is drinking things that are good for you....
You can check them out here
Twitter ~HERE~
If you wanna find out where to buy check ~HERE~

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