Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adventures of jimmy and charlie book review

So I was thrilled to review this children's book which contains three short stories about two orphaned kittens.
The kittens, Jimmy and Charlie, go on adventures and exploring around the farm.
They find  friends with the other animals on the farm who help them learn important lessons about life. 
 I love that this book  includes life lessons that every child can benefit from.
Also helps with teaching the importance of obeying your parents.
Great read for beginning to intermediate readers ages 3-9.

 Its amazing how they simply explain to children how much God loves us, even how God protects everything including kittens.
The author, Mack, wrote these three short stories about his own pets so the book has a personal touch to it.
It even includes real life photos at the end.
 (excerpt for the book)
 “Jimmy and Charlie used to be orphaned cats with no place to call home. Until one day when the brothers find a home on a farm! The Adventures of Jimmy and Charlie is a collection of three short stories of excitement and adventure following the two cats as they explore their new world and make lifelong friends. This is the perfect book for young readers to learn, along with Jimmy and Charlie, important lessons about God’s faithfulness, his good purpose, and the importance of obeying your parents.”
My son who is eight read the book all by his self and told me what he learned and i was truly impressed. He could understand and comprehend all the lessons. Needless to say he loved it and when he was done he made sure to put it nicely on his book shelf to keep it safe. 
You can get your very own copy ~HERE~

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