Friday, September 14, 2012

Kanga ring phone case review


Have you ever been distracted  trying to find your cell phone while driving, then Kanga Ring is perfect for you!
 Kanga Ring helps you keep your eyes on the road instead of trying to find your phone....
Yet its easily found in case you have to have it!!
there's no more rolling across the seat, or off into the floor. 
Also its just out of reach so hopefully you wont be texting and driving...
  Did you know that according to a study by the National Safety Council, nearly one third of traffic accidents occur when people are talking on their cell phones, or send text messages while driving?  
 During a July 2007 survey of 1,000 teens, AAA found that 46 percent text while drive.

Kanga Ring comes in a variety of styles, patterns, and colors. You can choose from their selection of products listed below.

  • Stronghold
  • Go Ballistic
  • Luxe Line
  • Old School
I love that there are so many different colors and styles, and my husband loves that the ballistic is so well made...

we both thought it was so convenient that the cord for the charger goes right through the case,

so now your not wrestling the cords and trying to get it out of a case. 

  Kanga Ring offers a easy way to store your phone while your driving.
  You can find them on both
or you can go ~>HERE<~ 

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