Friday, September 14, 2012

little cleaning box review

Being a mom of 3 and a wife to a always busy man....
cleaning products and new ideas are always in high demand around this here.
Little Cleaning Box Has to be the greatest idea yet.
This little box was packed full of great products, that honestly i would prob never have tried, without this chance... 
Little dish soaps that are almost too cute to open.

Also a packet to make your laundry smell good for months without dyes or chemicals love that!
 1 bag last 10 loads and is
full of dried herbs and essential oils. 

Also Skoy reusable rag that is also really cute and so durable.


I love that i finally get a way to try products before i buy....
i hate when i buy a 2 gallon jug of something i don't like,
well no more
 Little Cleaning Box  has made life just a little easier

I love that it comes with a cute little card  that's explains what you got and how to use it...
The only thing left to say is i need more!
You can find Little Cleaning Box on
Facebook ~>HERE<~
Or get your own box  here"



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