Friday, July 20, 2012

What can i say....

What can i say really... im a girl!!
love anything beauty!!

So from time to time i love going and getting my nails done....

Wouldnt it be awesome to have all the latest colors all the time...
I know my preteen is always needing a new color...

now that is super cute!! probably really easy...
top of my list of to dos!!
magnetic nail polish!!!
 i can definitly get into something like this...

Whatcha think??

Nails Inc. magnetic polishes in Trafalgar Square (gray) and Houses of Parliament (purple).

ya i will be trying this...
While not totally necessary, base coats protect and strengthen your nails and help your polish stay on longer.
Neatly apply one coat of the magnetic nail polish, but don't use the magnet yet. Having one solid layer helps make your designs pop more and allows some room for error in case you miss a spot with your second coat.

Apply Magnetic Nail Polish

Choose a magnet. Layla and Nails Inc. polishes come with a magnet on the lid. Nails Inc.'s has a little ridge to place on your cuticle that allows you to keep the magnet steady, but it's set up to only make horizontal lines and can be hard to turn to achieve other effects. Layla's is round with a stripe to indicate the direction of the magnetic field and can easily be turned to make lines in any direction. LCN requires you to purchase a separate magnet, and you can choose between a stripe pattern or a sunburst. If you're adventurous, you can also use any other magnets you may have laying around your house.

Apply a thick layer of magnetic polish to one nail. It should not be dripping all over the place or pooling on your nails, but you will want a little more polish than you would regularly

Before it dries, use the magnet. Depending on what kind of magnet you're using, there are different ways to do this, but even if you "mess up", don't fret. Magnetic polish is meant to create unique, often imperfect designs, and that's part of what makes it fun. Be careful not to touch the magnet to the wet polish, however, as it can really make a mess.

Ta da!
the finished product is pretty great!!


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  1. That makes me want to go get my nails done~!~!~