Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Smoobee no cry brush!!

When i saw this brush i had to try!!
I've been looking to find a way to get my daughter to brush her hair more....

Smoobee got it right~

She loved the fact that she can decorate the brush and while shes doing that she is brushing!!


Even though my daughter is a pre-teen she loves it!

Finally there's no crying and whining,
when i brush with smoobee shes OK!

You can check out SMOOBEE on Face book

You can buy your very own online and extra bling to decorate ~HERE~

Theres even some Stores carrying the SMOOBEE
see if there is any near you

Here's some quotes from SMOOBEE

Smoobee is Gorgeous!
It comes in pink, purple, and turquoise...ooh la la! Kids love the colors and the size is perfect for their hands. They simply won’t let it go and will play with it all day long.
Smoobee can be
The more kids can customize their hairbrush, the more they are likely to brush their own hair. So let them BEDAZZLE their Smoobee with beautiful gem stickers and watch them fall in love!
Smoobee Works!
Parents and kids are in need of a hairbrush that can make all of the tangles go away without the tears. With Smoobee, kids are actually excited to brush their hair!
These are my own thoughts and feelings....i wasn't paid for anything i have said!!

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  1. How cute what a good idea!