Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Feel the ooo OOFOS

The OOFOS Family Mission is to "Make YOO Feel Better!"

I got the ooringinal Tangerine... it was a hard choice between these and the fuchsia

Ive never had a sandal I didnt wanna take off...
most women know when you get that new sandal either they look cute or they feel good..

I havent taken mine off since the ups man dropped them off!!
well except to sleep and thats only because the hubby doesnt want my sandals in bed anymore!!

I didnt expect to fall inlove but I have

Anti Fatigue
Reduced Body Impact
Revolutionary Comfort
Underfoot Support
Water Resistant
Machine Washable

Normally when the sandal gets dirty, well i have to buy another pair...
Not these!
I can wash in cold water, air dry and woohoo i get to feel the OOOO

You can get your very own for $39.99
Just click here >>>Feel the OOOO<<<

The OOFOS Technology is based around a proprietary technology of OOFOAM that absorbs 37% of impact and shock.

The OOFOS Sandals are like no other Sandal on the market. A premier recovery sandal that is the softest and and most supportive sandal out there.
Check out our Family of OOFOS Footwear.

Here's lots of other ways to contact them
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Dont say i didnt warn ya when you fall in love!! 


  1. I think they are really cool and comfortable looking. I can't wait to win a pair for me.

  2. Wow those do look comfortable! Im gonna go check out the website and get me some. Thanx great review.