Monday, July 30, 2012

The summer blues!!

As a mom i try to keep my kids busy...
a bored child i believe is one that gets into trouble.
With heat advisories and triple digits what is it you can do???

well here in Missouri we have small aquatic centers popping up everywhere.

The one in Republic Mo has to be my fave. They have the right amount lifeguards and so many great things for the kids to do.

So i just went from the stressed out mom to ahhhhhh...

$5 dollars a person for 5 hours of relaxation and smiling kids.

Then all of us parents know what a swimming pool does to a child....

let them play their hardest and run and jump!! 
When they get home and you get them showered and comfortable,

From a stressed out mom....

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  1. I love outdoor pools!!! AWESOME I have to say and your kids are so cute!!!