Sunday, July 1, 2012


Blankz is a must have in my house!!

I can take these lil guys with me anywhere and my kids are busy the whole time making sure they got their animal perfect.
Theres no mess and this mom of 3 LOVES that!!
It also comes with everything your gonna need to make your very own work of art!!

Glenn Rudin founder of Always Been Creative, Inc. and inventor of the blankZ
"We all possess tremendous creativity we just need a vehicle to express that talent.” says Rudin. “We’re finally giving children and creative individuals the chance to design their own toy so it can look the way they want it to.”

These are amazing for roadtrips and appointments.
our blankz have been washed six times already and we r still coloring....

I cant wait to get my kids more blankz...
if you would like to purchase your very own blankz
be ready to be creative!!

I was given my very own blankz to review and write about...
My opinion is blankz is amazing and i will return for more!!


  1. This looks like a product that my son would totally fall in love with. I love the fact that it's washable and can't wait to try it out at our house!

  2. These look like a lot of fun! And something I could use for our car rides to visit family!