Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ozeri weightmaster bathroom scale review

I have to admit this was review i was nervous about....
I hate bathroom scales and the way i always feel after getting on one.
I love this scale its so well made and sleek, now when people come over they see Ozeri sleek black scale in the bathroom...
I've had several ask where i got mine and what i paid.....lol
i had to run and look it up and give them the Ozeri website so they could get there very own.
The microban is something that will come in very handy since this is in the kids and guest bathroom.
Microban will protect this scale for its lifetime and makes it so easy to clean up.
I'm doing a little dance about that for sure...
If you'd like to read up about microban go ~HERE~
Another great thing about this scale is that it auto-calibrates.....
no more adding or subtracting to hopefully get close to the right weight.
You can check out Ozeri on facebook ~HERE~

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