Saturday, June 16, 2012

You gotta start somewhere!

well you gotta start somewhere.......

let me just say this wont be ur normal blog, im hoping this will be the place you come to laugh, cry and rant! I will be sharing and i hope you do too.
I will have a daily laugh blog.... if your anything like me you can use a good laugh!
also i will be sharing any and all tips i can find.
Not to mention im gonna start a random pic of the day!

so heres to a new journey in my life!


  1. AWESOME~!~!~ I am so happy you are doing this~!~!~ I am connecting you to OMG! ha ha ha

  2. Well I wouldn't have if you didn't encourage me... hopefully someone will read! Haha

  3. Great stuff. OMG sent me.

  4. I am a follower now because OMG sent me and I now love you blog!