Sunday, June 17, 2012

Life with S.I.D.S

When i was 17 i had my first baby...(i know too young) its amazing how one minute your a kid and the next your life revolves around someone so little. She was 8pds and 21 1/2 inches long..... SHE WAS PERFECT!
She was amazing in every way and taught me so many things. looking into her eyes you could get lost and it seemed like she understood everything. 
All our checkups went great and my baby was hitting all the milestones. I was the mom that sat there and just stared when she was sleeping, i now sang lullabyes and danced around the room. I did whatever it took to make that sweet porcelian face light up. Anyone that held her was in love...maybe she was
Well it was getting close to Easter so every little girl needs a special dress for that special day! so i got her 4! 
We went for a long walk on the beach...which i believe she loved. 
I got her ready for bed all snuggled and warm....
little did i know that would be the last time, i would get to dress my real life porcelian doll.
The next morning i woke up and flew out of bed, i didnt understand why! i went to check on my girl......
She was gone to me forever......
The days to follow were a blur....really the years after were still a blur!
16 yrs later It still hurts and nothing will ever change that....

Thanx for taking time to read my life or just a piece that is.....

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  1. I am sorry, I honestly feel so sad right now as a mother of 5 children I couldn't even imagine. God bless you and you baby girl in heaven.